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164 Composer

Well known and unsung Maestros from 600 years Musikhistory

2530 mp3 Keyboardmusic

New digital interpretation of a large variety Pianorepertoire

27 hours orchestral music:

Digital interpretation of symphonic music, concertos and works for voice and orchestra.

2600 mp3 are part of comnplete Recordings

Smaler and larger Workgroups presented entirely

1857 Mp3s First-Time-Recordings

Unsung Music from over 600 years.

Plausible Variants in Instrumentation or Scorereading

Parallelinterpretation, unusual Instrmentation or consequent following the score.

533 mp3's Chambermusic

Ensembleplaying in digital precision

Manuscripts and early edition

Acoustic exploring of historic sources with unsung musical ideas.

Voices in digital realisation

The digital musicproduction explores the richest repertoire of our tradition

Digital enthousiasm

Digitale reconstruktionn of virtuosity from vairous musical epoques and instruments.

The whole variety of historic Keyboards

Music in the sound of keyboards from 500 years.

Topics of the musiical tradition

Innermusical and external references in music history


Amount perfect votings (January I. 2018)

43 Hob.XVI:1 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

39 Rachmaninoff: Paganini Rhapsodie

30 Clara Schumann: Impomptu op.9

30 Hob.XVI:1 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

20 Pachelbel Aria mit 4 Variationen (1689)

19 Felix Draeseke: Walzer-Scherzo op.5 Nr.2

17 Jean Louis Nicodé: "Das Meer"

17 Alban Berg 3 Orchesterstücke op.6

15 Jean Louis Nicodé: "Gloria !"

14 1. Preludio, Etudes d’exécution transcendante

13 Draeseke: Fantasie op.8 über Themen aus Boieldieus La Dame blanche

12 W.A.Mozart: Adagio Kv 617 für Glasharmonika, Flöte, Oboe, Viola und Violoncello

10 Goldbergvariationen BWV 988 (Cembalo)

9 Felix Draeseke: Frithjof WoO 7

9 2. Präludium und Fuge c-Moll, BWV 847

8 Franz Schmidt (1874-1939) Scherzo aus Str.-quartett in A

8 Goldbergvariationen BWV 988 (Steinway)

8 Hob.XVI:2 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

7 Georg A. Benda Klavierkonzert G-Dur L-688 (ca. 1740)

7 Janacek "Intime Briefe" 1. Satz

7 Johann Sebastian Bach: Fuge für Lautenwerck g-Moll BWV 1000

7 Hob.XVI:49 aus: Zwei Sonaten (1789/90)

7 Italienisches Konzert F-Dur BWV 971 (Steinway)

7 Felix Draeseke: Walzer-Nocturne op.5 Nr.1

6 Alan Belkin Symphony #2 (1983/2002)

6 Martin Kollas: 6 Miniaturen für zwei Klarinetten

6 Giovanni Gabrieli: Ricercar

6 Claudio Merulo Secondo Tuono Toccata Terza

6 Italienisches Konzert F-Dur BWV 971 (Cembalo)

6 Hob.XVI:2 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

6 Hob.XVI:4 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

6 Hob.XVI:6 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

6 Hob.XVI:34 aus: Drei Sonaten (um 1780)

6 Partita B-major BWV 825 (Steinway)

6 Sonate ohne Hobockenzahl in Es Nr.2 (1760-1767)

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  • W.A.Mozart; Solfeggien KV 393, 2-4

    John Pont 14.07.2019 15:20
    Wonderful.!! Material of the KV393-2 is present in the Christe Eleison of the mass in c minor. Konstanze ...
  • Silvius Leopold Weiss: Passacaglia in D (theorbo-harpsichord)

    DrDave 09.06.2019 14:54
    Great, but...
    A wonderful interpretation with terrific sound and very skillful choices of voicings. My only quibble ...
  • Bach: Chaconne BWV 1004 for Soloviolin

    Mary 15.05.2019 12:16
    RE: Bach: Chaconne BWV 1004 for Soloviolin
    Really beautiful. Thank you! :-)
  • BWV 679 Fughetta (Silbermannorgan)

    Mike Blackburn 20.04.2019 07:39
    No Tablets of Stone here. Just pure heavenly delight.
  • Prokofiev 3. Pianoconcerto C-major

    Wil 03.04.2019 13:06
    Excellent! Fine performances all round and nicely transparent recording to boot. I have no criticisms ...
  • Canon Nr.4 C#-minor - Allegro

    re 05.02.2019 00:12
    this doesn't work? Answer S.F.: Fixed now. Thank you for the hint.
  • Alban Berg 3 Orchestral pieces op.6

    Maarten Brandt 22.11.2018 22:18
    Three orchestral pieces
    For me the most fascinating composition for orchestra of not only Berg in particular but the the ...
  • A.Berg: 7 Pianopieces Nr.2 C-major

    Martin 22.11.2018 15:41
  • A.Berg: 7 Pianopieces Nr.1 E-major

    Martin 22.11.2018 15:39
    Awesome piece
    Thank you, guys!
  • Daniel Steibelt: Sonate op.45 Eb-Dur (Schantz-Pianoforte 1790)

    Kathleen Solose 30.07.2018 18:54
    Professor, Department of Music
    Hello great to hear this literature, even if it is somewhat wooden. I’m curious about the techniques ...
  • Hob.XVI:4 from: The early Sonatas (ca. 1760–1767)

    Kathleen Solose 30.07.2018 17:53
    Professor, University of Saskatchewan
    Admirable performances and quality. are you the performer? Who performs all the other literature? The ...
  • A.Berg: Chamberconcert for Piano, Violin and Winds (1925)

    Michel Galante 14.05.2018 16:20
    purchasing xml file of Berg Kammerkonzert mvt 1 and 3
    I really like and admire your website - I'm making a chamber version of Berg's Chamber concerto for fl ...
  • Beethoven Violinconcerto D-Major op 61 Rondo

    Roberto 30.03.2018 22:31
    Pretty good
    Nice job. A bit of synthetic and robotic on the orchestral side but the solo part is soulfully ...
  • Prokofiev 2. Pianoconcert in g-minor

    thehx 19.02.2018 16:02
    good 1st mvmt
    ...only that the final climax is somewhat blurred and doesn't really feel like climax. Compared to ...
  • Brahms: Horntrio op 40 (moderne Instrumente)

    Gary Dugan 14.01.2018 17:14
    RE: Brahms: Horntrio op 40 (moderne Instrumente)
    Outstanding. Absolutely wonderful interpretation of this beautiful piece.
  • Kahn Pianoquintett D-Major 1926

    Robert Gromatka 01.01.2018 20:36
    Kahn Piano Quintet
    Hi Stephen: This is the second time I've run across your name while surfing Unsung Composers. I just ...
  • J.G.Arnold: Celloconcerto op.1

    Robert Gromatka 01.01.2018 20:03
    RE: J.G.Arnold: Celloconcerto op.1
    How can I download or obtain a physical CD (preferred) of this cello concerto by J.G. Arnold? Thank you ...
  • Regarde du pere

    LeftRight 05.12.2017 19:43
    Would it be possible to get the original midi files of this music? Great work btw. It sounds very ...
  • 13. Prelude and Fugue F#-Maj, BWV 882

    Frits 06.08.2017 07:09
    bwv 882
    Dear Steffen, Very good playing. In one word: enjoyable. Thanks a lot! Best regards.
  • Alan Belkin Symphony #2 (1983/2002)

    PaoloT 08.02.2017 16:52
    RE: Alan Belkin Symphony #2 (1983/2002)
    I think I can listen to influences from Elliot Carter. Whichever the roots, it is a beautiful, colorful ...
  • Litolff op.102,3 Scherzo

    Jack Andrews 07.02.2017 19:42
    RE: Litolff op.102,3 Scherzo
    It's extremely hard to keep the fingering clean and crisp in this section. Sadly there's some blurring ...
  • Hob.XVI:1 C-Maj from: The early Sonatas (ca. 1760–1767)

    Fiorentino 28.12.2016 21:21
    Vi ascoltano anche dall'Italia. Ciao
  • Alan Belkin Symphony #2 (1983/2002)

    Andrew Havryliv 30.10.2016 01:39  
  • Alan Belkin Symphony #2 (1983/2002)

    ALexander Ary 30.10.2016 01:18
    A fascinating "other side" of Alan. Excellent simulation! I am sometimes reminded of Berg (which ...
  • Mozart KV488 3. Movement

    sam 15.08.2016 01:32
    RE: Mozart KV488 3. Movement
    piano vst?? (8dio?) Answer SF: Synthogy Ivory Bösendorfer 290 Imperial Grand
  • Gottlieb Muffat, 12 Toccaten mit je 6 Versetln: II. in g-moll

    Hugo 28.07.2016 15:31
    RE: Gottlieb Muffat, 12 Toccaten mit je 6 Versetln: II. in g-moll
    It's the first time I hear these little gems. Wonderful! Also fairly suitable to a cembalo ...
  • B.v.Dieren: Netherlands Melodies

    David David 05.07.2016 21:11
    Van Dieren: Piano music
    Hello, and thanks very much for producing your versions of Bernard van Dieren's works - especially ...
  • Jean Louis Nicodé: Gloria!

    Nicolas Brochet 27.05.2016 02:59
    RE: Jean Louis Nicodé: Gloria!
    Is it available on CD ? Answer SF.: sorry, not yet....
  • J.G.Arnold: Celloconcerto op.2

    Mr. Rory Armstrong 15.05.2016 04:51
    I made an edition of the 1st Concerto myself.I've given plenty of Ar. Premieres since 1996 and ...
  • Rachmaninoff: Paganini Rhapsodie

    Anonymous Hacker Group 08.05.2016 22:01
    RE: Rachmaninoff: Paganini Rhapsodie
    This is our group's favorite classical music. We will not spread the uploader's profile for the world ...

Johann Gottfried Arnold (1773-1806) Celloconcerto op.2 G-Major


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+1 # MrRichard Moss 2015-04-29 17:55
Dear Sir, I would like to know if it is possible for you to provide me with the Arnold Cello concertos
0 # CellistMr. Rory Armstrong 2016-05-15 04:51
I made an edition of the 1st Concerto myself.I've given plenty of Ar. Premieres since 1996 and love these works. They've done a great job recording these gems. Just another addition to the vast Violoncello list of works.
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