Vocal music (small ensembles)
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United States 29.1%United StatesSpain 3.5%SpainAustralia 1.5%AustraliaAustria 1%AustriaBrazil 0.8%BrazilColombia 0.3%Colombia
Germany 20.7%GermanyRepublic Of Korea 3.3%Republic Of KoreaDenmark 1.4%DenmarkArgentina 1%ArgentinaTaiwan 0.8%TaiwanCosta Rica 0.3%Costa Rica
United Kingdom 4.7%United KingdomItaly 2.6%ItalyMexico 1.2%MexicoPoland 1%PolandHong Kong 0.8%Hong KongSlovenia 0.3%Slovenia
Japan 4.4%JapanNetherlands 2.3%NetherlandsSwitzerland 1%SwitzerlandBelgium 1%BelgiumRomania 0.7%RomaniaGreece 0.3%Greece
France 4.2%FranceCanada 2.1%CanadaRussian Federation 1%Russian FederationUkraine 0.8%UkraineHungary 0.7%HungaryChile 0.3%Chile
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